PTFE Cooler Line Kit, Aluminum Hose Ends

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High Tech Transmission Lines.

We have assembled this P.T.F.E. lined stainless steel braided hose kit for the serious racer.

The kit contains all the components to connect your transmission to your choice of cooler using -6AN hose and fittings.

The teflon liner is inert to any type of automotive chemical so it won't leak, plus it is covered in a stainless steel braid for additional abrasion protection.

The hose ends have been designed by Fragola to be reusable and also swivel to allow for easy positioning.

Transmission case adapters are provided based on your application.

Kit Features

  • 15 ft of -6AN Fragola PTFE Braided Stainless Steel Line
  • 2, Transmission Case Adapters
  • 2, 45 Deg Swivel Black anodized Aluminum Hose Ends
  • 2, Straight Black anodized Aluminum Hose Ends
  • We purposely do not include the transmission cooler adapter fittings due to the various types of coolers offered by the aftermarket.
    You will need to purchase the correct -6AN male to whatever inlet thread your cooler requires.

    Please select trans type below to get the correct case adapters for your kit.

    Measuring your Case Fittings

    You will need to remove one of the stock cooler line fittings from the case and measure the outside diameter of the threads.
    If you do not have the stock fittings, you will need to measure the I.D. of the tapped hole in the case.

    1/4" will measure 17/32" or .540" and 1/8" will measure 13/32" or .410".

    We now offer the PTFE S/S hose with an abrasion resistant covering!
    The hose will not scratch aluminum panels or remove paint.
    The black matches our most popular black anodized hose ends and adapters.
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    For detailed Installation Instructions of our PTFE (Teflon)lined kits, please click to view PTFE Trans Cooler Kit Instructions. A separate window will open and load the pdf file.