Ford C4 Trans Cooler Line Kit

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Price: $215.95 ea
  • SKULP530
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Go With The Flow

Our C4 cooler line kit is designed and made right here in the USA to fit your new or old style automatic transmission.

Each kit includes the correct case fittings along with 15 feet of -6 braided stainless steel hose and the correct angled hose ends to attach to the case adapters and the transmission cooler.

Be forewarned there are cheaper kits on the market but there not made here and don't have the 45 degree swivel fittings to clear the trans tunnel.
They also do not include the correct NPS threaded adapters for the Ford case!
Using NPT fittings on a Ford case will cause cracking and leakage.

Measuring your Case Fittings

You will need to remove one of the stock cooler line fittings from the case and measure the outside diameter of the threads.
If you do not have the stock fittings, you will need to measure the I.D. of the tapped hole in the case.

1/4" will measure 17/32" or .540" and 1/8" will measure 13/32" or .410".


  • Aerospace Quality Braided Stainless Steel Hose
  • 1500 PSI Working Pressure
  • Unique One Piece Hose Ends With Swivel Ends For Easy Positioning
  • The correct NPS thread Milspec Billet Aluminum Adapter Fittings with sealing washer
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    We now offer an upgrade to a longer 20' hose length for extended applications
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