Shelby & 5.0 Fuel Rail Adapter

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Price: $69.99 ea
  • SKUMFRS2000
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This custom adapter is designed to mate the Metco Motorsports billet fuel rail kit (PN MFRS1000) with the factory fuel feed line.
It is designed for users of the Metco rails who wish to maintain the stock-style fuel lines and the returnless design of the factory fuel system.

This convenient adapter uses extreme-pressure reinforced rubber hose that is multi-fuel compatible.
A 180* AN adapter is clamped at the fuel rail end, and a precision-machined billet aluminum adapter (Metco Motorsports PN MFF0007) mates with the Ford outlet at the opposite end.
Also included but not shown is an 8AN O-ring adapter that fits the fuel rail with the appropriate 6AN male fitting for the 180* hose end.

This adapter makes the installation of the Metco Motorsports billet fuel rails quick and easy.