Direct Rail Mount Fuel Gauge Kit

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Keep an eye on the Pressure

This exclusive kit is only available from Metco Motorsports!

The key to this kit is the billet adapter fitting. It is CNC-machined for precision fit and leak-free performance and attaches directly to the schrader valve outlet on the factory GM fuel rail.
The front side of the fitting accepts a standard 1/8" NPT fitting, which matches the outlet on the included carbon fiber-faced, liquid-filled 1.5" pressure gauge.

Easy To Install!

This kit is easy to install and is absolutely necessary for applications using an adjustable fuel pressure regulator.
The kit also adds a high performance look to any engine compartment.

The kit includes (1) carbon fiber-faced, liquid-filled gauge and the billet rail adapter.
Additional 45* and 90* adapter fittings are also available, please call for details.
A pressure gauge with the engine-turned finish is also available - please your choice below


Note 1: The kit is shown installed on a 2010 Camaro fuel rail.
Most applications (including the Buick 3.8L Turbo) typically have the schrader valve at the front of the driver's side fuel rail, resulting in a forward-facing gauge that works well.
The supercharged Cadillac CTS-V has a vertical schrader valve in the middle of the passenger side rail, and an additional 90* fitting may be desired for this application.

Note 2: The picture above shows (2) gauges. As shipped, the kit includes (1) pressure gauge and (1) adapter.