Demands on transmission have increased dramatically - Lighter transmissions, heavier vehicle weights,

nearly double towing capacity ratings and higher engine operating temperatures.

All these realities spell disaster if you can't control the temperature of the transmission fluid.

In fact, get those fluids to up around 300 and your transmissions life is shortened by up to 90%!

This is why OEM's are installing external mounted transmission coolers.

Lets face it, they wouldn't be spending the money if they didn't see direct benefits in reducing warranty expense and extending vehicle life.

To solve the problem, Northern has OEM technology on steroids!

Most new model OEM transmission coolers are all aluminum plate and high efficiency fin design

- that's what you'll see under the hood of almost any new pickup with a towing package.

Now Northern captures that same technology, only they have maxed it out for MAXIMUM COOLING!

Engine Oil Coolers

Look under the hood of a new pickup with a trailer towing package

- there's a pretty good chance you will see Two coolers mounted at the front of the A/C condenser.

One is the transmission cooler and the other is an engine oil cooler.

The reason for the engine oil cooler is simple - engine oil temperature and engine oil life are directly related.

Engines are designed to operate with engine oil in the 175 to 200 range.

That's approximately the same temperature as your engine coolant.

In this temperature range, engine oil lubricates, cleans and cools the engine.

Keeping your engine oil in this range can easily extend the life of a passenger car or pickup engine well beyond 100,000 miles.

If you pull a trailer with your vehicle or modify the engine to get more power you significantly raise the engine oil temperature.

Solve this problem by installing an engine oil cooler.

The kits are easy to install and use the latest high efficiency cooler technology.