CADILLAC 331, 365, 390, 429 Valve Covers

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These PML Cadillac valve covers are designed for 1949 to 1967 Cadillacs with 331, 365, 390, and 429 V8 engines with four bolt valve covers.

These are larger than stock and not intended to be bolt on replacements for the stock covers.

Engine Considerations

1. These valve covers are perimeter mount, with four bolts per cover, included. Some early engines require center bolt mounting and PML does not have valve covers for these engines.

2. For 1963 to 1967 390 and 429 engines, these valve covers will bolt onto the heads although the shape is different. You will need to use the earlier 1954 specified gasket to get the valve covers to seal on a 429 engine. The 429 gaskets will not work with these valve covers.

3. These valve covers are taller than stock with pockets to work with many roller rocker systems. Be sure to check clearance on the inside and outside for your particular engine configuration.

4. Stock engines may have air conditioners, heaters, cruise control units or other items close to the stock cover so these larger PML covers may not fit without modification. Click here for dimensions of PML Cadillac 331, 365, 390, 429 valve covers. On some stock engines,the compressor bracket hits our cover.

5. Most applications breathe through the valley plate so these valve covers do not incorporate a provision for breathers or PCV.

6. See Specifications for gasket information.

Dimensions: Click here for dimensions. There is 2.48" from the gasket surface to the top inside surface. On the outside, check for clearance with air conditioner, bracket, heating, cruise control and other parts.

Finishes: Read about finishes and construction of PML parts.

These PML heavy duty valve covers offer classic styling and extra space for many roller rockers systems.

The CADILLAC script and fins are cast into the cover and raised (not engraved). The script replicates the 1949 GM CADILLAC logo. To highlight the CADILLAC script, powder coat is brushed off the top of the script and fins on the black powder coat finish, and on polished parts, we do not polish between the fins and the script.


  • Classic CADILLAC script and fin design
  • For 331, 365, 390 and 429 Cadillac engines
  • Heavy duty, sand cast aluminum construciton for thick, stiff, walls and gasket flange
  • Machined gasket surface for a secure seal
  • Extra height and pockets for many roller rocker systems
  • Licensed GM product
  • Made in USA

Inside of PML CADILLAC Valve Covers

PML Cadillac Valve Covers, Fins and Script, Inside  Inside of covers. Click on picture to view larger in a separate window or tab.

PML Cadillac valve covers have an open interior and pockets to clear most roller rockers. The picture also shows the thick, precision-machined gasket flange and the four mounting holes on the perimeter.


PML designed these Cadillac valve covers to work with many stock gaskets. There are five different gaskets available. Later year gaskets (after 1955) may not work with these covers.

We recommend using the 1949 to 1955 4-bolt gaskets. PML sells gaskets for these valve covers. Also, some of our customers have reported that FelPro part number 5392 gaskets work well with these valve covers.

These are pictures of the cork composite gaskets PML offers. These can be added to an order over the phone or in the shopping cart.

Gaskets for PML Cadillac valve covers    Gasket on PML Cadillac valve cover
Click on an image to view larger in a separate tab or window.

PML Valve Covers Compared to Stock

PML Valve Cover Part Number 11073 compared to stock   PML Valve Cover Part Number 11073, compared to stock, top view
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