Pulley Removal & Installation Tool

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  • SKUMPT0001
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No Stress, No Damage

Fits Cobra, Lightning, and Shelby GT500

This high-quality tool kit can be configured to remove a supercharger pulley and to install a supercharger pulley. It is precision-machined from the highest quality materials and is designed to be re-used many times.

The kit is designed specifically for use on the factory-supercharged modular applications, and is configured so that the supercharger will not be scratched or damaged in any way when the tool is used. Illustrated instructions are included.

Note 1: Due to the extremely tight interference fit of the factory supercharger pulley on the Shelby GT500 and the weak design of the pulley itself, the factory pulley is often damaged upon removal. Metco Motorsports offers a stock-sized 3.00" diameter two-piece supercharger pulley for the GT500 in case the owner later wishes to return to the stock boost level.

Note 2: Due to clearance issues, a Metco Motorsports supercharger pulley hub cannot be removed from the Shelby GT500 using this pulley tool. A dedicated GT500 hub removal tool is available from Metco Motorsports under PN MPT0002.

Note 3: The large horseshoe bracket included with the tool kit was revised with production runs beginning 7.1.2008. Previously, the bracket was laser cut steel, but in the interest of greater strength the bracket is now CNC-machined from 1026 high-grade steel. Additionally, the shape of the bracket itself was enlarged and thickness has been added to prevent bending that may occur upon removal of the Shelby GT500 supercharger pulley.