GT500 Pulley Hub Removal Tool

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Get That Pulley Off Correctly

2007 & Newer Shelby GT500

For Shelby GT500 owners who must remove the Metco Motorsports two-piece supercharger pulley from their GT500, this special tool is available. The design of the supercharger snout in the GT500 application makes it impossible to remove the hub using a standard pulley removal & installation tool, but this specially-designed tool makes the process quick and easy.

The simple design of the tool allows the user to remove the press-on steel pulley hub from the supercharger shaft without damage to the hub or to the supercharger case. The end of the center bolt is centered on the end of the supercharger shaft, and the included five bolts are threaded through the tool and into the supercharger pulley hub. A wrench is used to hold the hex on the hub portion of the tool, and a second wrench is used to turn the center bolt, drawing the pulley hub off the shaft.

The tool is machined from the highest quality materials and can be re-used many times.

Kit includes center bolt, pulley flange, and (5) bolts.