Series 3000 Stainless Braided Hose

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Two layers of rugged woven stainless steel.

Inner layer resists collapse and the outer layer protects abrasion.
500-1500 psi. working pressure covers all of the oil, water and fuel systems you may encounter.
Unique CPFE inner liner is compatible with all hydrocarbon or alcohol based fuels, along with synthetic and natural based lubricants.
Operating range of -40 to +300 F.

Designed to be used with FPS Series 2000 "Pro Flow",
Series 3000 "Race" Hose Ends,
and Sport Crimp Race Hose Ends. .

As a rule of thumb, when selecting an A-N hose to replace a given size automotive hose, the dash size is the nominal size in 1/16". Example: -10, is 10/16" or equivalent 5/8" automotive hose. The A-N hose will be slightly smaller due to the wall thickness of the hose.

Choose from sizes ranging from #4 to #20.Select size below.

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