Premium Nylon Race Hose

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Recommended for Motorsports applications, the black synthetic rubber core is resistant to oil, fuels, coolants, and alcohols.

  • 500 PSI working pressure covers most oil, water, and fuel systems you may encounter.
  • Reinforced with a single braid of bright corrosion resistant type 302 stainless steel wire braid.
  • Operating range of -40 F to +300 F.
  • Black Braided Nylon Cover makes this lightweight hose both durable and attractive.
  • Designed to be used with FPS Series 2000 Hose Ends, and FPS Sport-Crimp Hose Ends
  • This hose is not intended to be used with 3000 Series Hose Ends.

    As a rule of thumb when selecting AN Hose to replace a given size automotive hose, the dash size is the nominal size 1/16".
    Example 10, is 10/16" or 5/8" Automotive hose.
    The AN hose will be slightly smaller due to the thickness of the hose.