Cowl Induction Hood Insert

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Getting tired of looking at that lopsided hole in the back side of your cowl hood.

Undercover Innovations made a grille that cleans that area up and makes it more symmetrical looking. It Will keep those pesky birds and leaves ( and sometimes windshield wipers) out of your air cleaner. These grilles are available in 2 styles and all 3 finishes.

We know the cowl hoods were only available on the 69s, but since they fit all first gens, they have been installed on all 3 years.

In case you are concerned about airflow- The total throttle plate area of a Holley 1050 is 9.6 sq.inches, the total open area of these grilles is 21sq.inches. More than adequate.

Each grill is made of 16-ga aluminum so they will lay flat against the uneven surface around the opening. The factory did a so-so job of threading the mounting holes, so I suggest running a tap in them first.

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