Shelby GT500 Supercharger Pulley Kit

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Replace the original 3.00" supercharger pulley with one of our precision-made supercharger pulley kits to add boost to your Shelby Mustang.
The kit includes a pulley hub machined from high-grade steel that presses onto the blower shaft.
The CNC-machined aluminum ring bolts to the steel hub using the supplied stainless steel fasteners, and this two-piece design makes subsequent pulley ring changes a snap.

The steel hub is re-usable (unlike aluminum one-piece blower pulleys), and is nickel-plated for long lasting surface protection.
The aluminum ring is hard-coat anodized in black to resist surface wear, and after anodizing the ring is pocket-milled for good looks (2.60" ring only, shown second from left).

We recommend the use of our Auxiliary Idler Kit (Metco Motorsports PN MSI-90) with this supercharger pulley.
When these two components are installed together, the vehicle's original serpentine belt can be re-used.

Note 1: Due to the extremely tight interference fit of the factory supercharger pulley on the Shelby GT500 and the weak design of the pulley itself, the factory pulley is often damaged upon removal.
To change pulleys, the use of a hydraulic press is recommended but a high-quality pulley removal and installation tool can also be used.
We manufacture our own pulley tool and it is available under Metco Motorsports PN MPT0001, listed elsewhere in this section.

Note 2: In addition to the overdrive (smaller) supercharger pulleys, Metco Motorsports offers a stock-sized 3.00" diameter supercharger pulley ring for this application.
If the need arises to return to the stock boost level, pulley rings are available separately (listed elsewhere in this section) and can be changed in minutes.

We also offer a front pulley cover for the black-anodized 2.60" supercharger pulley.
This pulley cover installs over the front of the 2.60" pulley to make it more stock-appearing.
This cover is listed elsewhere in this section under PN MSP2.60CVR.

The steel pulley hub is nickel-plated and is no longer offered in the black oxide finish shown in some of the images above.

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