MAF Racing Bumper supports are on some of the baddest Mustangs around.

The formula for success sounds simple: Build power then cut weight=win races. Power to weight ratio has been the secret sauce to most racing victories. Building horsepower is expensive, but cutting weight without compromising function doesn’t have to be. 30% weight loss can be achieved with our mustang front and rear tubular bumper products. Made from Docol R8 alloy, most products require little to no modification to install, with instant weight reduction. When every pound matters, count on MAF tubular bumper products to provide the advantage you are looking for.

Docol R8 Tube Facts

Docol R8 Tube – Ultra High Strength Steel – Dual Phase Steel.

Docol R8 was engineered to provide a stronger, more consistent alternative to 4130 CD SMLS tube

Suitable applications: aerotube, roll cages, chassis, suspension, wheelie bars, motorcycles, wing struts, drive shafts, nerf bars and bumpers.

Common production car applications: door crash bars, roof bows, A&B pillars, bumpers, foot boxes and seats. Docol has been used in production cars for more than 30 years.

Currently Allowed For:

NHRA Top Fuel and Nitro Funny Cars – SFI Spec 2.3 & 10.5

NHRA Top Fuel and Nitro Funny Cars – SFI Spec 2.3 & 10.5

Key Advantages of Docol R8

  • Stronger than 4130 by 10 to 15 percent
  • Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) in Docol R8 is much less in area than 4130, less brittle than 4130, retains better elongation and necking than 4130
  • Docol R8 is much more tolerant to heavy fabrication
  • Clean mill finish product – minimal, if any, surface prep required
  • Accurate and consistent dimensional and mechanical properties due to this material being a rolled and welded strip
  • Compatible with welding to 4130 and mild steel
  • Use ER 80 S filler material (same as 4130)
  • Suitable for TIG and MIG welding

This is what you want to buy if you plan on welding any brackets or tabs to your bumper support or rad core support