Bearings are the backbone of any drive or rolling system. These parts can experience high operating temperatures, high/low speeds and severe loads. REM’s Isotropic Superfinish Process (ISF®) reduces friction, removes protruding surface asperities and increases the bearing load surface. This finishing results in extended component life, increased system efficiency and power density.

SIF (Smoother Is Faster)Bearing Part Performance Benefits of Polishing wheel bearings :

  • Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • No Run In Required
  • Eliminate Bearing Metal Debris
  • Reduce Failure Due to Micropitting, Spalling and Scuffing
  • Reduce Lubrication Requirements and Cost
  • Lower Running Torque
  • Increase Bearing Life
  • Lower Operating Temperatures
  • Quieter Operation

NEGP (New England Gear Polishing) also does bearings of all types for your front end, differential, and transmission.  However, up to this point, they have relied on you to send them your bearings to REM finish and that’s not always practical.  So they now offer the SIF line of REM finished wheel bearings