Chevy Small Block LT1/LT4, Center Bolt CORVETTE Script and Fins

Chevy Small Block LT1/LT4, Center Bolt CORVETTE Script and Fins

Chevy Small Block LT1/LT4, Center Bolt CORVETTE Script and Fins
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The valve covers feature vintage CORVETTE script lettering and fins for a classic appearance. The script and lettering are raised. PML made these classic style valve covers for center bolt small block engines, GM Generation II LT1 and LT4.

PML designed these covers so that the top surface where the fins and lettering are is completely clean.

The design removed two bolts and the PCV/breather/oil fill holes from the top surface and added the script and fins. The sand cast aluminum construction is so much stiffer than stock that you do not need four bolts to apply pressure evenly to the gasket.

Many crate engines, 1987-1998 Silverado, Sierra, Suburban,& Tahoe, Corvette, Impala SS,& Camaro Z28, and mid-90s Pontiac Camaro and Firebird have small block center bolt heads.

About Fitment

These covers are slightly taller than stock to allow for many types roller rockers. Use the dimensions to see if these will work with your particular configuration. Please check for interference from a taller valve cover as some engines have a bracket or other parts that sit close to the stock covers. Click here for dimensions.


Valve covers feature internal cast-in baffles. Image shows inside of a valve cover.

PML Center Bolt Valve Covers, baffles

Optional PCV, Breather and Oil Fill Holes

PML small block valve covers are made without holes for PCV, oil fill or breather. PML can machine holes to your specifications.

PML Center Bolt Valve Covers, PCV and breathers

For engines that require PCV and breather holes on the valve cover, PML designed the casting to be thicker on the intake manifold side and put baffles on the inside in two locations. This area can be machined with a hole. This way, the top of the valve cover is left alone for a clean, classy appearance.

A separate breather hole is not needed since the PCV or push-in breather can be removed and oil added there.

When ordering holes, you will need to specify the hole location. Holes can be machined on the passenger's side cover or on the driver's side cover, towards the front of the car or towards the rear. You can choose the location and type of hole needed below.

Please read this PDF file on oil fill, breather and PCV set-up.


Suggested gasket for PML small block Chevy valve covers Installing PML valve covers with a gasket Installing PML valve covers with a gasket, top view

PML includes gaskets for these covers..

To install the covers using these gaskets, hold the gasket in place with your fingers and put your thumbs over the screws on the top. Then carefully fit the valve covers on the head making sure to get the groove on the covers lined up with the groove on the head. Put the exhaust side in first. Not getting the grooves lined up is a cause of leaks.

PML Small Block Valve Covers with Roller Rocker Arms

PML designed small block Chevy valve covers to work with many roller rocker systems. However, due to the many brands of rockers on the market you may have to modify the cast in oil baffles to provide correct fitment.

The T&D Machine Products Competition Rocker Arms are shown in the image at left. The shaft mounts are very tall, almost to the top of the rocker arms. The PML cast-in internal baffles will contact these mounts.

shaft mounted rocker arms

PML Valve Cover Features

  • Strong sand-cast aluminum construction
  • Thick side walls and gasket flanges that will not bend when bolts are tightened
  • Cast-in internal baffles
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Gaskets Included.

Dimensions: Click here for dimensions. A new tab or window will open.

Available in Plain, Black, Polished or Chevy Orange Finishes.
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