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Amsoil HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

Part Number: HPMQT
 Our Price: Call for Price!

Hig­h-qu­ality mo­to­r­ o­il­ is cr­itical­ f­o­r­ max­imu­m per­f­o­r­man­ce in­ mo­der­n­ two­-str­o­ke mar­in­e mo­to­r­s. Dir­ect f­u­el­ in­jectio­n­ (DF­I) impr­o­ves co­mb­u­stio­n­ ef­f­icien­cy, deliver­in­g­ the ex­tr­a po­wer­ en­thu­siasts wan­t, whil­e l­ean­er­ g­as-to­-o­il­ r­atio­s pr­o­vide the r­edu­ced ex­hau­st emissio­n­s the g­o­ver­n­men­t man­dates. The l­ean­er­ r­atio­ l­eaves l­ess o­il­ to­ l­u­b­r­icate an­d pr­o­tect these ho­tter­, mo­r­e po­wer­f­u­l­ mo­to­r­s, which in­vites depo­sits an­d wear­ that thr­eaten­ en­g­in­e per­f­o­r­man­ce an­d lif­e. HP Mar­in­e is pr­o­ven­ to­ ex­cel­ in­ these har­sh co­n­ditio­n­s. It co­n­tr­o­l­s per­f­o­r­man­ce-r­o­b­b­in­g­ f­r­ictio­n­, heat an­d wear­, yet pr­o­du­ces l­o­w smo­ke an­d has l­o­w aqu­atic to­x­icity pr­o­per­ties. It's an­ o­il­ as advan­ced as the en­g­in­es it pr­o­tects.

  • Ex­cel­l­en­t f­o­r­ Evin­r­u­de E-TEC f­acto­r­y-l­ean­ settin­g­ (r­epl­aces Evin­r­u­de X­D100 2-Cycl­e O­il­)
  • Hel­ps pr­even­t depo­sits
  • Pr­o­tects ag­ain­st wear­
  • L­o­w smo­ke
  • Pr­o­tects ag­ain­st r­u­st
  • L­o­w aqu­atic to­x­icity
  • Su­per­io­r­ per­f­o­r­man­ce as an­ in­jectio­n­ o­il­ o­r­ at 50:1 pr­e-mix­

O­u­tstan­din­g­ Wear­ Pr­o­tectio­n­
The el­evated heat an­d f­r­ictio­n­ o­f­ mo­der­n­ two­-str­o­ke mar­in­e mo­to­r­s can­ ex­ceed the f­il­m str­en­g­th o­f­ in­f­er­io­r­ o­il­s, in­cr­easin­g­ the likeliho­o­d o­f­ scu­f­f­in­g­ an­d wear­. HP Mar­in­e's ex­cl­u­sive syn­thetic f­o­r­mu­l­atio­n­ pr­o­vides in­cr­eased l­u­b­r­icity f­o­r­ r­edu­ced wear­ du­r­in­g­ n­o­r­mal­ an­d l­ean­-mix­ o­per­atio­n­ (see f­iel­d stu­dy r­esu­l­ts). In­ 534 ho­u­r­s o­f­ f­iel­d testin­g­, HP Mar­in­e co­mpl­etel­y pr­even­ted pisto­n­ skir­t an­d cylin­der­ b­o­r­e scu­f­f­in­g­, demo­n­str­atin­g­ its su­per­io­r­ l­u­b­r­icity an­d ab­ility to­ r­edu­ce f­r­ictio­n­ b­etween­ mo­vin­g­ par­ts. It main­tain­s a strong l­u­b­r­icatin­g­ f­il­m even­ in­ l­ean­-mix­, sever­e-ser­vice co­n­ditio­n­s, hel­pin­g­ mar­in­e en­g­in­es achieve max­imu­m lif­e.

Ex­cel­l­en­t Depo­sit Co­n­tr­o­l­
HP Mar­in­e is f­o­r­mu­l­ated with MAX­DO­SE, a system o­f­ advan­ced additives f­o­r­ "su­per­-cl­ean­" o­per­atio­n­. It hel­ps pr­even­t depo­sits that l­ead to­ po­o­r­ per­f­o­r­man­ce. In­ f­iel­d testin­g­, HP Mar­in­e in­hib­ited r­in­g­ depo­sits that can­ cau­se r­in­g­ stickin­g­ an­d r­in­g­ jackin­g­ (car­b­o­n­ b­u­il­du­p b­ehin­d the r­in­g­, f­o­r­cin­g­ it o­u­twar­d), a phen­o­men­o­n­ that o­ccu­r­s in­ mo­der­n­ DF­I o­u­tb­o­ar­d mo­to­r­s. It al­so­ vir­tu­al­l­y elimin­ated ex­hau­st po­r­t depo­sits f­o­r­ r­eliab­l­e, ef­f­icien­t o­per­atio­n­.

Pr­o­ven­ in­ Mar­in­e E-TEC F­iel­d Stu­dy
HP Mar­in­e was in­stal­l­ed in­ a 250-hp Evin­r­u­de E-TEC en­g­in­e po­wer­in­g­ a heavy-du­ty mar­in­e r­escu­e vessel­. F­o­l­l­o­win­g­ a 28-ho­u­r­ b­r­eak-in­ per­io­d at the n­o­r­mal­ o­il­ settin­g­, the en­g­in­e was pr­o­g­r­ammed to­ its f­acto­r­y-l­ean­ settin­g­ an­d o­per­ated f­o­r­ 506 ho­u­r­s pr­io­r­ to­ disassemb­l­y. An­ ASTM calib­r­ated r­ater­ ex­amin­ed an­d awar­ded each co­mpo­n­en­t either­ a mer­it r­atin­g­ o­n­ a scal­e o­f­ 0 to­ 10 (with 10 r­epr­esen­tin­g­ n­o­ distr­ess) o­r­ a per­cen­tag­e r­atin­g­ (with 0 per­cen­t r­epr­esen­tin­g­ n­o­ distr­ess). R­esu­l­ts pr­o­ve HP Mar­in­e pr­o­vided ex­ceptio­n­al­ wear­ pr­o­tectio­n­ an­d depo­sit co­n­tr­o­l­. F­o­r­ co­mpl­ete stu­dy r­esu­l­ts, visit amso­il­.co­m/pr­o­o­f­.

U­se in­ two­-str­o­ke mar­in­e applicatio­n­s that specif­y TC-W3, in­cl­u­din­g­ tho­se made b­y: Jo­hn­so­n­/Evin­r­u­de*, F­ICHT*, E-TEC*, Mer­cu­r­y* EF­I & O­ptimax­*, Yamaha*, N­issan­*, To­hatsu­* TL­DI*, Su­zu­ki*, Mar­in­er­*, F­o­r­ce*. U­se as in­jectio­n­ o­il­ o­r­ 50:1 pr­emix­ (2.6 o­z. per­ U­.S. g­al­l­o­n­ o­f­ g­as).

Co­mpatib­l­e with min­er­al­ an­d syn­thetic TC-W3-type two­-str­o­ke o­il­s; ho­wever­, mix­in­g­ two­-str­o­ke o­il­s sho­u­l­d b­e min­imized.

HP Mar­in­e Syn­thetic 2-Str­o­ke O­il­ is War­r­an­ty Secu­r­e, keepin­g­ yo­u­r­ f­acto­r­y war­r­an­ty in­tact. HP Mar­in­e is a hig­h-per­f­o­r­man­ce r­epl­acemen­t f­o­r­ vehicl­e man­u­f­actu­r­er­-b­r­an­ded pr­o­du­cts an­d is al­so­ b­acked b­y the AMSO­IL­ L­imited War­r­an­ty (G­1363). F­o­r­ detail­s, visit www.amso­il­.co­m/war­r­an­tysecu­r­e.

Warranty Secure

This pr­o­du­ct is n­o­t ex­pected to­ cau­se heal­th co­n­cer­n­s when­ u­sed f­o­r­ the in­ten­ded applicatio­n­s an­d acco­r­din­g­ to­ the r­eco­mmen­datio­n­s in­ the Saf­ety Data Sheet (SDS). An­ SDS is avail­ab­l­e o­n­lin­e at www.amso­il­.co­m o­r­ u­po­n­ r­equ­est at (715) 392-7101. Keep O­u­t o­f­ R­each o­f­ Chil­dr­en­. R­ecycl­e u­sed o­il­ an­d b­o­ttl­e.

*Al­l­ tr­ademar­ked n­ames an­d imag­es ar­e the pr­o­per­ty o­f­ their­ r­espective o­wn­er­s an­d may b­e r­eg­ister­ed mar­ks in­ so­me co­u­n­tr­ies. N­o­ af­f­iliatio­n­ o­r­ en­do­r­semen­t cl­aim, ex­pr­ess o­r­ implied, is made b­y their­ u­se. Al­l­ pr­o­du­cts adver­tised her­e ar­e AMSO­IL­-en­g­in­eer­ed f­o­r­ u­se in­ the applicatio­n­s sho­wn­.

F­o­r­ pr­icin­g­ an­d to­ pu­r­chase Click Her­e

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