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Tech Tips
At Lyons Performance LLC we believe that product knowledge is the key to getting the desired results. We will never keep product tips and secrets to ourself. Below you will find a selection of tips, sorted by manufacturer, for your use. Check back often as this page will be updated as new info becomes available.
Valco Racing
  • To protect brand new chrome wheels or highly polished aluminum use Magic Mix Body Wax. Its high carnauba content and specialized polish leaves behind an incredible shine. Magic Mix Body Wax is also a delight to use on paints. It protects and keeps things in a great looking condition.
  • GelLube is an excellent engine assembly lube that comes in an easy-to-use aerosol spray can. It has many other uses as well. You can use it on chains, sprockets, hinges, or any other area where metal-to-metal contact occurs. Using a paint-can nozzle for a wider spray pattern is a good way to apply GelLube to large metal parts for rust protection. Use GelLube in odd places like car door locks, padlocks, and all window and door automobile mechanisms. GelLube is a synthetic material and is not affected by cold or wet weather.
  • Wet hands with water prior to mixing EpoxiPutty. Moisture keeps the putty from sticking to hands and enables easier application.

    Wizard Products Professional Detailer is fast, fun and easy to use on all types of paint, glass, chrome or any hard surface. Its so easy to use; just spray it on and wipe it off. It adds a show winning gloss and slickness to almost any type of paint.
    You can use MIST-N-SHINE regularly to quick dust and give your vehicle that just waxed slippery feel and wet look, without scratching, streaking or smearing. Because it contains no wax or abrasives it will never leave a telltale sign or white residue around emblems or moldings. That's one reason why street rodders and bikers really love the product.
    Many people still use dishwashing soap. This is a mistake. Dishwashing soap has been recommended by paint manufacturers to help remove waxes before painting. Some have abrasives and chemicals that are not the best thing for your paint. So what is the best car wash to use, that won't take away the protection and shine? We recommend the WIZARDS WASH - SUPER CONCENTRATE; its a power packed wash that delivers a gentle but thorough cleaning on all types of surfaces: cars, trucks, bikes, boats; most anything you want to wash. The WIZARDS WASH has a thick foaming action that lifts and safely floats away dirt and grime without stripping away the protective qualities like a lot of the discount products you find on the shelves. It will rinse streak free, and offers quick drying with maximum shine. Most car washes contain potassium chloride, or sodium chloride, which is salt. Its a great way to make a cheap product. You would actually be washing your car with salt water, which is not the best for the vehicle or your hands.They use only the highest quality materials and our wash is blended to a balanced pH so its not only safe for your finish but also your skin.
    is a one step cream that cleans, renews and protects ALL COLOR exterior trim. Use BLACK RENEW to remove old wax and compound residue from moldings, bumper extensions, door handles, mudguards and anything plastic or rubber that needs restoring. Its not a shoe polish or a dye; its a concentrated cream that works on all colors. And because its concentrated, it will go a lot further then the traditional spray products.
    odor neutralizer will safely and quickly eliminate stale and unpleasant odors, leaving your vehicle with a clean, fresh scent. Attacking odors at their source, AUTO FRESH will enhance the environment without the use of toxic chemicals or heavy masking agents. In addition, AUTO FRESH is biodegradable, non-allergenic and non-staining. AUTO FRESH odor neutralizer works with a long lasting residual effect to eliminate odors caused by organic decay, pets, smoke, mildew, chemicals and many other situations where odors occur. Use for Autos, Trucks, Boats, Campers and Airplanes. Other effective uses for home or office include laundry, bath, kitchen and storage, shoes, helmets, carpet, furniture, suitcases and more!
    DIRECTIONS: Shake lightly. Spray directly onto suspect source of odor for fast elimination. In a vehicle, targeting carpet or washable materials is the best choice. Spraying into air vents is also acceptable; however, avoid spraying directly onto the instrument panel, vehicle controls or the inside of the windshield. Used as a mist, spray into the air as needed to consume odor and leave a fresh, clean scent.
  • POWER CLEAN ALL PURPOSE CLEANER is a safe and effective multi-purpose formula that penetrates and dissolves oil, road grime, brake dust and much more. Its multi-purpose uses include pre-cleaning in the body shop for removal of grease, wax and silicone, safe and effective cleaning of interior seats, dashes and controls, carpet stain removal, wheel cleaning, and of course general purpose cleaning and engine degreasing.
    Our formula is non-caustic, non-acid and biodegradable, which makes it safe for most any surface. The POWER CLEAN works great for painted, clear coated or highly polished wheels. And it also works great to clean tires, raised white letters and white walls. Other wheel cleaners may clean fast, but they dull the shine because their products are very caustic and dangerous.
    When using the POWER CLEAN for wheels and tires do you have to scrub it, or just spray it on? The best way to use the POWER CLEAN on wheels is to spray it on pretty heavily and let it soak for about a minute. You always want to spray it onto a cool and dry wheel, and then rinse it off. Now if the wheel hasn't been cleaned for a few months, you may have to scrub it down with a nylon brush or towel and give it a second shot. Same goes with tires; if the raised white letters are black you're going to have to scrub them a little. When using any cleaning product it's always a good idea to test a small area first before full application. Some materials may be affected differently than others. For leather, vinyl seats and dashes, spray the POWER CLEAN onto a small towel or sponge and wipe the surface. Then follow up immediately with a clean, dampened cloth to remove residue and contaminants. Its also a great spot remover for carpets. Just spray it on to the soiled area, let it soak in for a few seconds, and then scrub it with a white cloth. Its important to always use a white cloth with stains and spot removal. That way you would never risk transferring dye from a colored cloth.
  • METAL BUFFS are used with a power tool and metal polish for fast effective polishing on all types of metal surfaces. You can use the METAL BUFFS for heavy duty polishing to remove scratches, heavy tarnish and oxidation. They have a smaller shank so you can use them with almost any kind of drill or air tool. We offer 6 sizes and styles; each for a different application and use: -The FELT BOB is the smallest one and is great for tight areas where the others won't fit. -The LONG NON TAPERED BUFF is available in two sizes: 1.5\" and 2.5\" and is recommended for general polishing and inside cutouts like the holes in truck wheels. -The LONG TAPERED BUFF (2\") works well for general polishing and some tighter areas that the NON TAPERED BUFF wouldn't fit into. -The MUSHROOM BUFF is also available in two sizes: 3\" and 4\". These two are not wrapped as tight; they are a lot fluffier and are great for finish buffing. They do lint a little because they are designed to be softer and take out some of the fine line polishing scratches you can get from the more aggressive buffs. The best way to apply the polish is to put the polish on the metal surface and then spread it out a little with the buff. You can really work it in and put pressure on the buff. This really speeds up the polishing process and gets it done quickly. Those Buffs really get black after just a small amount of use. It doesn't affect the process and you really don't have to worry about cleaning them. If they get matted down from a lot of hard use you can rub across the buff with a metal brush to fluff it up a bit; but its still going to get dirty looking.
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