Winters Sidewinder Shifters

Winters Sidewinder Shifters

Winters Sidewinder Shifters
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Fail-Safe and Reliable!

A responsiveness that puts you far out ahead of your competition. The sureness that snaps you into the gear you want, when you want it...

the kind of ruggedness that lets you slam it into gear without the fear of jamming or springing the mechanism...

that's the Sidewinder shifter for you!

It's so well built, so finely engineered, so beautifully designed that you know at once... it has to be by Winters.

No Accidental Reverse

The Sidewinder is Fail-Safe! It's mechanically impossible to accidentally shift into reverse from any forward gear. A sturdy, steel guard bars the shifting rod from all other positions except first, second, or third. When you want reverse, only you can put it there.

The Sidewinder can be installed on any street or strip transmission. It is available in both conventional and reverse shift patterns

Our Lockout Shifter features an extra mechanism that must be pulled up towards the knob in order to shift in and out of the reverse and park positions.
This shifter also includes a safety switch that requires you to have the shifter in the park position in order to start your vehicle.
These features satisfy sanctioning body's rules and regulations.

Each kit includes:

  • Shifter Assembly
  • 5 Ft Morse Cable (other lengths available separately)
  • Shifter Cover
  • Transmission specific brackets
  • Neutral Safety Switch included w/ Lockout shifter only

    Winters now offers the option of adding the Round Handle Button Switch as a factory installed option!
    This is perfect for transbrakes, linelock or nitrous applications.
    Choose your option below

    You can also now have a Reverse Light and Neutral Safety Switch combo factory installed on your shifter. Just choose the option below.

    The combo reverse/neutral safety switch option is not availble until further notice.

    Need to have your switches "at hand" when your all strapped in?
    Just add the SwitchMount Console option to your shifter build and we will swap out the stock cover for you! Just choose the option below.

    Please select your trans type, forward or reverse pattern and if you want reverse lockout below.

    Stock- Refers to PRN321 pattern
    Reverse- Refers to PRN123 pattern

    Product Ships From Manufacturer

    Got a Winters shifter that has seen better days?

    Send it to us for a complete rebuild. We have all the parts necessary to completely refurbish your used or swapmeet shifter.

    We also do gateplate conversions and reverse lockout changeovers.

    For more info e-mail us or give us a call!