HR Series Carburetors

HR Series Carburetors

HR Series Carburetors
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The Hot Rod Series is our latest line of carburetors that are designed for the street enthusiast.
Made from light-weight aluminum castings and packed full of features, these carburetors are sure to make your rod, muscle car, or street machine run its' best!

Hand assembled and engine tested in the USA!

Available in both vacuum and mechanical secondary with standard features including:

  • A Quick Set electric choke with one wire hookup for years of trouble free starting
  • Dual inlet fuel bowls with Quick Set sight windows on both fuel bowls for safe and easy float level adjustment
  • Vacuum secondary carburetors have a Quick Set housing that is adjustable by simply turning a screw - no more spring assortments to keep up with or torn diaphragms
  • 4-corner idle for smooth and efficient idle quality
  • Screw-in air bleeds for quick and unsurpassed tuning capabilty
  • Screw in idle feed restrictions
  • Non-stick gaskets throughout for easy service
  • The QFT 4-door power valve with a strong diaphragm and blow-out protection in the throttle body
  • Universal throttle lever with sealed throttle shafts for years of smooth operation
  • Full vacuum accessory ports for PCV, power brakes, and timed spark advance
  • Sized from 580 CFM - 850 CFM in the following part numbers:
    Mechanical Secondary Carburetors

  • HR-600
  • HR-650
  • HR-750,/li>
  • HR-850

  • Vacuum Secondary Carburetors
  • HR-580-VS
  • HR-680-VS
  • HR-780-VS