Kilduff Lightning Rod Shifter

Kilduff Lightning Rod Shifter

Kilduff Lightning Rod Shifter
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The Kilduff Lightning Rod Shifter brings back the days of old when Pro-Stock cars pulled levers to shift each gear on their Lenco Transmissions.
But now that technology and manly way of shifting can be had for your automatic transmission in any vehicle you choose to install it!

The body is 4.5" wide, 4" tall and 12" long.
The levers are 16" tall from the floor to the top of the ball.
All manufactured out of quality materials, right here in the USA!

With so many options to add, you can customize this unit to do whatever you need it to.

By adding the Neutral Safety Switch and Reverse Lockout, this shifter becomes fully acceptable in NHRA and IHRA competition.

Once you activate the shifter by placing the first lever in D, you are now ready launch and grab the next stick to pull the next gear and then the stick after that for another gear!

Lightning Rod Shifters are available with:

  • Momentary Switch Handles for Line-Lock or Transbake
  • On-Off Button Handles to trigger dataloggers
  • Reverse Manual Valve Body Compatitible
  • Pistol Grip Handles for each Stick
  • Shifters are sold without Cable or transmission Brackets, please select that option if you need the cable/trans install kit.
    They use b&m cables and brackets.

    All shifters come with a neutral safety switch and a back-up switch.

    shifters are built to order and depending on demand, may ship from 4 to 15 work days.