3/16" Diameter,3/8" Grip,3/8" Head Rivet

3/16" Diameter,3/8" Grip,3/8" Head Rivet

3/16\" Diameter,3/8\" Grip,3/8\" Head Rivet
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Make sure you use a quality product when it comes to riveting your project together.
Please remember to use the correct rivet for your project and as a general rule, the rivet should have the same physical and mechanical properties as the materials to be fastened.
For example; aluminum and/or light type applications should utilize aluminum rivets.
Steel applications should utilize steel rivets.
A marked dissimilarity may cause premature material fatigue, galvanic corrosion or material distortion.

Sold by the box: 250pcs

  • Aluminum body w/steel nail
  • Works in oversized holes
  • Easy enter and drill-out nail
  • Safer, smooth backside w/no sharp edges
  • Strong rivets that clamp and hold tight
  • Please choose color below