Accessory-Drive Pulley Set for 2003-04 Cobra

Accessory-Drive Pulley Set for 2003-04 Cobra

Accessory-Drive Pulley Set for 2003-04 Cobra

This 4-piece pulley set is designed to replace all of the pulleys on the accessory-drive on your Cobra.
It allows you to update the accessory-drive pulleys with the same style heavy-duty idlers we offer for the Cobra's blower drive.

These pulleys are machined from the same certified 6061-T6 aluminum billet as our pulleys for the blower drive, use the same high-speed, high-load bearings, and use the same bulletproof hard-coat black anodizing on the belt surface.

These four pulleys are properly sized for the Cobra's six-rib accessory belt, and install with no modifications.
The kit includes one 90mm (3.5") smooth idler, two grooved 76mm (3.0") idlers, and one smooth 76mm idler for the tensioner arm.
Each pulley ships with the billet bearing cover and stainless-steel socket head fastener.

Note: To install the tensioner pulley with the machined face of the pulley facing forward, it may be necessary to slightly grind the tensioner arm to provide clearance for the pulley's snap ring.
Otherwise, it may be installed with the machined face facing the engine, as shown in image 3.

(This pulley set includes only the (4) idler pulleys shown in image 1 and image 2 above. Image 3 courtesy of our good friend Blake.)

Due to the very specific nature of the pulleys in this kit, these pulleys are typically manufactured to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.