1933 - 1934 FORD Radiator

1933 - 1934 FORD Radiator

1933 - 1934 FORD Radiator

All Hotrod Radiators come with these great features:

  • Tubes designed for high pressure Hot Rod cooling systems Fins with the maximum louvers per fin for added heat dissipation
  • Stamped and reinforced aluminum tanks for rigidity and durability
  • High capacity 1 inch aluminum tubes for greater cooling carrying capacity - to bring out more BTU, you have to have coolant in the tube in significant volume to have proper cooling
  • ALL WELDED CONSTRUCTION - The fins are welded to the tube, the tube to the header plate, the header plate is welded to the tanks and even the filler neck is welded!
    2 row tube construction means only 1 space between the tubes for maximum tube to fin contact - A 5 row copper/brass radiator has 4 tube spaces with NO tube to fin contact!
  • A BILLET, ALL ALUMINUM ANODIZED FILLER NECK for maximum durability...and it looks great, too! (filler neck on all radiators except part numbers 205161 & 205163)
  • Heavy beaded hose connections stay sealed and won't crack.
  • All HOTROD Radiators include a 7 plate aluminum high performance transmission oil cooler.
  • REVOLUTIONARY RADIATOR MOUNTS - The bolt on radiator mounts allow radiator mounting in all types of vehicles.
    Slotted mounts allow for adjustment to fit your vehicle.