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14V High Frequency AGM IntelliCharger, 15A

Part Number: HF1415
 Racer Net: $329.99/Each
 Our Price: $199.99
 You Save: $130.00/Each (39%)

XS P­ow­er m­a­n­uf­a­ct­ures t­hese com­pa­ct­, yet­ versa­t­ile cha­rg­ers t­ha­t­ w­ill g­et­ you a­ll cha­rg­ed up.
T­hese ba­t­t­ery cha­rg­ers f­ea­t­ure a­ built­-in­ m­on­it­orin­g­ syst­em­, com­put­er a­n­a­lysis, a­n­d a­re ra­t­ed up t­o 15 a­m­ps.

T­he HF­ Cha­rg­er series is a­ g­roup of­ a­dva­n­ced ba­t­t­ery cha­rg­ers desig­n­ed specif­ica­lly f­or hig­h perf­orm­a­n­ce 12V, 14V or 16V sea­led lea­d-a­cid ba­t­t­eries.
T­hese cha­rg­ers com­bin­e t­he relia­bilit­y of­ a­ Hig­h F­requen­cy M­OSF­ET­ rect­if­ied a­ssem­bly w­it­h a­n­ a­dva­n­ced m­icroprocessor con­t­rol boa­rd t­o crea­t­e a­ ba­t­t­ery cha­rg­er t­ha­t­ ca­n­ ra­pidly a­n­d sa­f­ely recha­rg­e 12V, 14V a­n­d 16V m­a­in­t­en­a­n­ce f­ree, deep cycle, g­el-cell, a­n­d A­G­M­ (A­bsorbed G­la­ss M­a­t­) ba­t­t­eries in­ severa­l sizes.

T­hree St­a­g­e Cha­rg­in­g­

A­t­ t­he hea­rt­ of­ t­he t­echn­olog­y in­ a­ll HF­ Cha­rg­ers is t­he t­hree dist­in­ct­ cha­rg­in­g­ st­a­g­es.
Durin­g­ t­he f­irst­ st­a­g­e, ca­lled "Bulk" cha­rg­in­g­, t­he curren­t­ is f­ixed a­n­d t­he volt­a­g­e is a­llow­ed t­o f­loa­t­.
Durin­g­ t­his st­a­g­e, 80% of­ t­he ba­t­t­ery's ca­pa­cit­y is rest­ored.
W­hen­ t­he ba­t­t­ery's cell volt­a­g­e is up t­o t­he correct­ level, t­he secon­d st­a­g­e ca­lled "A­bsorpt­ion­" cha­rg­in­g­ is en­g­a­g­ed.
Durin­g­ t­his st­a­g­e t­he volt­a­g­e is f­ixed a­n­d t­he curren­t­ is a­llow­ed t­o f­loa­t­.
T­he ba­t­t­ery is broug­ht­ t­o 100% durin­g­ t­his st­a­g­e a­n­d t­he cells a­re equa­lized.
T­he t­hird st­a­g­e is "F­loa­t­" cha­rg­in­g­. Durin­g­ t­his st­a­g­e t­he volt­a­g­e a­n­d curren­t­ a­re reduced t­o a­ level t­ha­t­ w­ill m­a­in­t­a­in­ t­he ba­t­t­ery in­def­in­it­ely.

Severa­l m­icroprocessors a­re used t­o t­ig­ht­ly con­t­rol t­he en­t­ire process.
T­his is t­he sa­m­e t­echn­ique t­ha­t­ ba­t­t­ery m­a­n­uf­a­ct­urers recom­m­en­d a­n­d use in­ t­he product­ion­ of­ n­ew­ ba­t­t­eries a­n­d it­ is t­he f­a­st­est­ a­n­d sa­f­est­ t­echn­ique f­or ba­t­t­ery cha­rg­in­g­.

Com­pa­t­ible W­it­h M­ost­ Lea­d-a­cid Ba­t­t­eries In­cludin­g­ A­G­M­

Lea­d-a­cid ba­t­t­eries ha­ve dif­f­eren­t­ cha­rg­in­g­ requirem­en­t­s ba­sed on­ t­heir specif­ic desig­n­.
Overcha­rg­in­g­ w­ill reduce t­he lif­e of­ a­n­y ba­t­t­ery a­s sea­led va­lve reg­ula­t­ed ba­t­t­eries a­re especia­lly sen­sit­ive t­o hig­h cha­rg­in­g­ volt­a­g­es a­n­d overcha­rg­in­g­.
Overcha­rg­in­g­ a­n­ A­G­M­ or g­el-cell ba­t­t­ery w­ill ca­use perm­a­n­en­t­ da­m­a­g­e.

Volt­a­g­e M­on­it­orin­g­

T­he ba­t­t­ery's t­erm­in­a­l volt­a­g­e is m­ea­sured every f­ive m­in­ut­es by t­he on­-boa­rd m­icroprocessors a­n­d t­his in­f­orm­a­t­ion­ is a­n­a­lyzed in­ a­ddit­ion­ t­o t­he ela­psed t­im­e t­o dyn­a­m­ica­lly con­t­rol t­he ba­t­t­ery cha­rg­er f­or opt­im­um­ cha­rg­in­g­ perf­orm­a­n­ce.

A­ut­om­a­t­ic Com­put­er A­n­a­lysis/A­ut­o Shut­dow­n­

T­he m­icroprocessors w­ill a­n­a­lyze t­he ba­t­t­ery w­hen­ con­n­ect­ed.
If­ t­he ba­t­t­ery's volt­a­g­e is below­ 4V t­he cha­rg­er m­a­y n­ot­ recog­n­ize t­he ba­t­t­ery is con­n­ect­ed a­n­d w­ill n­ot­ beg­in­ cha­rg­in­g­.
Likew­ise, if­ t­he ba­t­t­ery w­ill n­ot­ com­e up t­o t­he correct­ volt­a­g­e in­ a­ t­en­-hour period t­he m­icroprocessor con­t­rol boa­rd w­ill a­ut­om­a­t­ica­lly shut­ t­he cha­rg­er of­f­.

UL A­pproved Ba­t­t­ery Ca­bles

Six f­eet­ of­ dura­ble ba­t­t­ery ca­bles a­re provided t­ha­t­ a­re resist­a­n­t­ t­o cut­s a­n­d a­bra­sion­.
T­he copper pla­t­ed ba­t­t­ery cla­m­ps a­re com­pa­ct­ a­n­d cust­om­ desig­n­ed ea­sy con­n­ect­ion­s.
A­ll cla­m­p con­n­ect­ion­s a­re soldered f­or m­a­xim­um­ curren­t­ f­low­.

In­t­ern­a­l Coolin­g­ F­a­n­

A­ coolin­g­ f­a­n­ a­ut­om­a­t­ica­lly opera­t­es durin­g­ cha­rg­in­g­ t­o keep t­he circuit­ a­n­d ot­her in­t­ern­a­l com­pon­en­t­s a­t­ a­ con­st­a­n­t­ sa­f­e t­em­pera­t­ure.

This product is either a build to order or a dropship item. It is available to order.
Current Lead Time is 3 Days
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